AOC G2490VX Review: Budget 1080p Gaming Monitor

April 21, 2022 0

AOC G2490VX Review: Budget 1080p Gaming Monitor

With so many games, movies, and shows to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And when you’re trying to find the perfect display for your gaming PC, the options are endless. This article is a review of a gaming monitor that may not be on your radar, but it should be – the AOC G2490VX. We will go over the specs and features of this monitor and what makes it stand out amongst the competition.

Design and Style

The AOC G2490VX is a 24-inch monitor that features a black and red design. The monitor has a borderless/frameless design that makes it look sleek and modern. The monitor also has a very thin bezel that gives it a more premium look. Although the black with red accent is common among gaming monitors, the AOC G2490VX looks very stylish and is sure to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the matte coating really helps to reduce glare and gives the monitor a more professional look.

In terms of ergonomics, the AOC G2490VX is not the best. The monitor does not have any height adjustment and can only be tilted by -5°/23°. In addition, the monitor does not have any swivel or pivot adjustment. The only way to adjust the monitor is to use the VESA mount. However, the VESA mount is 100x100mm which is a standard size. With that said, you need to be creative with your monitor placement if you want to get the best viewing experience.

Picture Quality

AOC G2490VX Picture Quality

Moving on to the most important part – picture quality. The AOC G2490VX comes with a resolution of 1920x1080p. This is the standard resolution for most gaming monitors and is what we recommend for most gamers. The 1080p resolution offers plenty of screen real estate and doesn’t require a powerful graphics card to run. In addition, the 1080p resolution is perfect for gaming as it provides a smooth gameplay experience without any lag or frame rate issues. The 24-inch size is also the sweet spot for 1080p gaming as it offers a good balance between screen size and resolution.

As for viewing angles, the AOC G2490VX features a VA panel. The viewing angles are not as good as IPS but they are still decent. You will notice some color shift when viewing the monitor from an angle but it’s not too bad. The image quality is still fairly accurate and you won’t have any issues with image distortion.

One thing I notice that AOC G2490VX really stands out is the contrast ratio. The static contrast ratio is an impressive 4,000:1, which is much higher than most gaming monitors. This means that you will get deeper blacks and brighter whites. In addition, the AOC G2490VX can reach a peak brightness of 350 nits which is again, very impressive. The high contrast ratio and brightness give the image more pop and vibrancy. Colors look more saturated and the image as a whole looks more dynamic.

The AOC G2490VX color accuracy is decent out of the box. The monitor comes with a factory calibration report which is always a nice touch. However, I would still recommend calibrating the monitor to get the best image quality. The AOC G2490VX covers 93% of the DCI-P3 color gamut which is equivalent to ~126% sRGB. This means that the monitor can display a wide range of colors and is great for creative work. If you are a photographer or graphic designer, this monitor will work just fine.

The AOC G2490VX also supports HDR but it’s not true HDR. This means that the image quality is not as good as true HDR monitors. However, the image quality is still decent and you will notice an increase in contrast and vibrancy. If you want the best HDR experience, we recommend getting a true HDR monitor.

Display Performance

AOC G2490VX Display Performance

For the display performance, the AOC G2490VX is a mixed bag. The good news is that the response time is decent at 1ms (MPRT). There are five response time overdrive modes: Off, Weak, Medium, Strong, and Boost. I would recommend using the Strong or Boost mode for the best gaming experience. The 144Hz refresh rate is okay, but not excellent as most gaming monitors these days come with a refresh rate of 165Hz or even 240Hz. However, the AOC G2490VX does have adaptive sync support which is great. The monitor is compatible with both G-Sync and FreeSync. This means that you can enjoy a tear-free gaming experience.

The input lag is also decent at 5ms which is great for gaming. If you are a competitive gamer, you will be happy to know that the AOC G2490VX can keep up with the action. For the price point of $170-$180, the AOC G2490VX is a great value.

Other Features

Of course, the AOC G2490VX comes with special features that are worth mentioning:

Low Blue Light Technology

First is the low blue light technology. This is a feature that reduces the harmful blue light emitted by the monitor. This is great for your eyes as it reduces eye fatigue and strain. If you are someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, this is a feature that you will appreciate.

Game Modes

The AOC G2490VX also comes with game modes. There are six pre-calibrated game modes: RTS, FPS, Racing, Gamer 1, Gamer 2, and Off. These game modes are fine-tuned to provide the best image quality and performance for each type of game. For example, the RTS mode is optimized for real-time strategy games while the FPS mode is optimized for first-person shooters.


The AOC G2490VX also has a G-menu which allows you to adjust the settings of the monitor. The G-menu is easy to use and navigate. You can also create your own custom profiles which are great if you want to have different settings for different games.

5-Way Joystick

The AOC G2490VX also comes with a 5-way joystick to navigate the on-screen display (OSD). This is a great feature as it makes it easy to adjust the settings of the monitor.

Flicker-Free Technology

The AOC G2490VX also has flicker-free technology, which reduces eye strain and fatigue. This is a fantastic feature for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Our Verdict for Gaming Use

The AOC G2490VX is a great budget monitor for gaming. It has a fast 1ms response time, decent refresh rate at 144Hz, and Adaptive-Sync technology. The decent input lag of 5ms also makes it a good choice for gamers. The better price compared to other similar specs monitors is also an excellent advantage. Excellent contrast ratio and brightness complete the package making the AOC G2490VX a great choice for gamers.

Our Verdict for Professional Use

I would say that the AOC G2490VX is a good monitor for professional use despite a few flaws. The extremely high contrast ratio is fantastic, and the color accuracy is also quite good. However, the ergonomics are not great, and the 1080p resolution may be a bit lacking if you are a professional graphics designer. Furthermore, the VA panel is good but not the best. IPS panels are still recommended for professional use.

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