Corsair K55 RGB Review: Excellent Membrane Keyboard

March 30, 2022 0

Corsair K55 RGB Review: Excellent Membrane Keyboard

In a world where mechanical keyboards reign supreme, the Corsair K55 RGB stands out as a great alternative for those who prefer a quieter and more silent keypress. Despite having a very attractive price point (Check on Amazon), the K55 RGB is still packed with features that make it a great choice for gamers and general users alike. Of course, there are some drawbacks to using a non-mechanical keyboard, which I’ll touch on in this review.

Now, let’s have a look at what the Corsair K55 RGB has to offer in greater detail.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, you’ll find the keyboard itself, a detachable wrist rest, and the manual & warranty guide.

Keyboard Dimensions

K55 Keyboard Dimentions

The K55 RGB is a full-size keyboard, having a height of 1.6 inches (4.0 cm), a width of 18.9 inches (48.0 cm), and a depth of 6.5 inches (16.5 cm). The keyboard includes a wrist rest which adds an additional 2.6 inches (6.5 cm) to the depth, making it 9.1 inches (23.0 cm) deep with the wrist rest attached. The keyboard weighs 1.67 pounds (0.757 kg), so it is not the lightest keyboard on the market but it is not excessively heavy either.

Build Quality

As I would expect from a keyboard costing $50, the K55 RGB is made entirely of plastic, and there’s quite a bit of flex if you try to twist it. However, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart anytime soon, and all of the keycaps are attached securely. Also, all of the keycaps are ABS and have laser-etched characters. When typing, the keycaps have a very soft feel to them, but they’re quite sturdy.

K55 Rubber Dome Switches

The Corsair K55 RGB utilizes a rubber dome as it is a membrane keyboard. The dome switches are located under the keycaps, unlike mechanical switches which are located on the PCB. The benefit of rubber dome switches is that they’re cheaper to manufacture, and as a result, you see them in lower-priced keyboards more often. However, the trade-off is that rubber domes don’t feel as good to type on as mechanical switches do.

Another downside of rubber dome switches is that they tend to produce a “mushy” feeling when typing.

Overall, I would say that the Corsair K55 RGB is average. It’s not the best keyboard I’ve ever used, but it’s certainly not the worst either. For its price point, I think the K55 RGB is built quite well.


K55 Ergonomics

As far as adjustability goes, it has pretty decent ergonomics capabilities. The Corsair K55 RGB has two different levels of incline. The minimum incline is 3.5 degrees, and the maximum incline is 7 degrees.

One area where the Corsair K55 RGB shines in terms of ergonomics is its detachable wrist rest, which is nice to see considering the price point. The wrist rest itself is made of soft plastic and is quite comfortable to use and can be attached to the bottom of the keyboard via two plastic clips. I’m a huge fan of wrist rests because I find them to be comfortable and convenient, and I’m glad to see that Corsair has included one with the K55 RGB. However, if you don’t prefer to have wrist rests, the fact that it is detachable is definitely a plus. All in all, I think the ergonomics of the Corsair K55 RGB are quite good for a keyboard at this price point.

RGB Lightings

K55 RGB Lightings

Instead of per-key lighting (the XT variant uses per-key lighting), this keyboard has three different RGB lighting zones. There are two lighting zones on the sides of the keyboard and one zone in the middle. The three-zone RGB lighting is actually a pretty cool feature, and I think it looks great. I like that you can have different colors for each zone, and you can even have different modes such as color pulse, color shift, and rainbow wave.

K55 iQUE Customization

The Corsair K55 RGB can be customized using the Corsair iCUE software. You can change the color of the backlight, create macros, and adjust the keymap. The software is very user-friendly and easy to use.

There is also a physical button located at the top of the keyword for adjusting the brightness. I think this is a great feature because it means you don’t have to open up any software in order to control it.


The Corsair K55 RGB has a pretty standard connector. It is a USB 2.0 connector, and it is not detachable. The length of the cable is 5.9 feet (1.8 m), which should be long enough for most people.

Extra Added Features

Multimedia keys

K55 Multimedia keys

The Corsair K55 RGB is a great gaming keyboard that has many features to enhance your gaming experience. One of the best features of this keyboard is the multimedia keys. These keys allow you to control your media with ease and give you quick access to all the controls you need.

Macro Keys

K55 Macro Keys

Another great feature of the Corsair K55 RGB is the macro keys. These keys allow you to program certain commands or keystrokes into the keyboard so that you can execute them with just one press. This can be extremely helpful in games where you need to perform complex actions or combos.

Typing Experience

The typing experience on the Corsair K55 RGB is good, but not great. The keys are a bit mushy and don’t have the same crisp feel as a mechanical keyboard. If you are switching from mechanical switches, you will definitely notice the difference. However, the typing noise is very quiet, which is a plus especially if you will use this keyboard in an office setting.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think the Corsair K55 RGB is a great keyboard for both gaming and office use. It has many features that enhance your gaming experiences, such as macro keys and a windows key lock. The typing feel is acceptable, but not outstanding since the keys are a bit mushy and lack the same sharp snap as a mechanical keyboard. The keyboard also has a full-size layout, so there’s no need to worry about cramped keys or an uncomfortable typing experience.

In terms of office use, the Corsair K55 RGB is a great keyboard. It is very quiet, and the multimedia keys are very convenient. The only downside is that it is not mechanical, but considering the price point, I think this is a minor complaint. Overall, I would highly recommend the Corsair K55 RGB to anyone looking for a great office keyboard.


  • Attractive Design
  • Great for office use
  • Packed with many features
  • Very quiet
  • Multimedia keys are very convenient
  • Affordable


  • The keys are a bit mushy
  • No per-key lighting
  • Not great for gaming

I gave the Corsair K55 RGB a silver medal.

Fulogic Hardware Silver Medal
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