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JustPC GAzelle GA899ATXGN: PC Case Review

May 23, 2005 0

JustPC GAzelle GA899ATXGN: PC Case Review

I will be writing a review of the GAzelle GA899ATXGN PC case by JustPC.

Overview & Specification

This PC case is a tower design and can hold four drives. There are two front-accessible bays for easy installation of optical drives or other devices. The motherboard size supported by this GAzelle GA899ATXGN is ATX motherboards, which means it will be able to fit the majority of modern boards on the market without issue (check your dimensions before purchasing). It comes with screwless drive bays and a removable side panel that provides additional ventilation options as well as access to the internals when necessary. This PC case also has room for an internal 12cm fan in addition to its many external cooling features such as rear vents and bottom intake fans located at both ends of the cabinet’s base surface.

The expansion slot area of the JustPC GAzelle is a lot more spacious than what many would first expect. There are seven expansion slots, which provide users with plenty of room for upgrades and other expansions.

Overall, this is a great PC case for general purposes. It has plenty of room for modern boards (check your dimensions before purchasing) and should be a perfect match for most people’s needs, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

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